Kalibrgun Cricket .25

Conditions: +5°C, 12-15m/s wind, 14-18m/s gusts
Gear: Kalibrgun Cricket .25 + H&N Grizzly 31gr

This is the gun I’ve wanted to own so long – and finally got one!

..and the best part is, that it’s with the older WST stock. What a beauty!

First range day behind (in extreme wind conditions) and nearby weather station recorded insane numbers: wind speed 12-15m/s, gusts 14-18m/s. Not the best day to shoot for sure.

I tried few regular pellets including 34gr JSB King Heavys, but not every shot was even on paper because of the wind, so I shot only 31gr H&N Grizzlys which I run through sizer (.250)”. I read lot of people complaining about accuracy with these bullets and the main reason probably is the fact, that they’re very inconsistent out-of-the-box (.002″ variation in diameter at worst).

After some tuning with HST screw and regulator pressure, 31gr H&N Grizzly bullet leaves the barrel with velocity of 275m/s (902fps) while generating 75 Joules (55ft-lb) of kinetic energy.

Best group I got with JSB 34grain heavys. 5-shots 99mm. Distance 100 meters.


H&N Grizzly 31grainers performed noticeably better..

First 4 shots 29mm, 5-shot group 63mm. Distance 100 meters.
5-shot group 98mm. Lots of gusting wind. Distance 100 meters.
5-shot group 38mm. Wind direction and speed seemed to stay consistent at least for a while, so I put 5 shots as fast as I could. Distance 100 meters.

I think this gun is easily 1MOA capable at 100 meters during a calm day. Lot’s of bullet testing ahead!

Did a lot of different kind of a shooting also – namely cinematography.

Sneak peek to coming film about the gun.

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