Shooting Saturday

Conditions: +15°C, 9-13m/s wind
Gear: AF .223 + TT-OPTH, NOE SP-GC 51gr .223″

Autumn is definitely coming. Temperature is constantly below 20 degrees and winds are getting stronger. While I normally shoot only 10-shot groups, today I decided to stick with 5-shot groups, as wind strength and direction was changing all the time. Difficult conditions to shoot with air, but results we’re actually pretty decent.

5×5-shot groups from bench.

5-shots, 29,5mm, 100 meters.
5-shots, 25mm, 100 meters.
5-shots, 45mm, 100 meters / 109 yd.
5-shots, 36mm, 100 meters / 109 yd.
5-shots, 56mm, 100 meters / 109 yd.

Best group was 0.86MOA, worst 1.92MOA. Average precision 1.31MOA.

3×5-shot groups from prone.

5-shots from prone, 48mm, 100 meters / 109 yd.
6-shots from prone, 58mm, 100 meters / 109 yd. After the first shot wind started to blow and pulled shots significantly to the left, so I decided to shoot one extra to get 5-shot group with the prevailing wind. The group on the left is 39mm.
5-shots from prone, 62mm, 100 meters / 109 yd. Very strong breezing wind. Stopped here because of the extreme wind conditions.

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