Back to business

Conditions: +16°C, 2-5m/s wind, fog
Gear: AF .223 + TT-OPTH, NOE SP-GC 51gr .223″

Finally got my new valve stem/onepiece tophat from TalonTunes to replace the broken stock one. Regardless from the pressure and/or HST, without any restrictor insert, the infamous valve dump occurred. TT tophat seems to have more gap between the tophat and valve housing compared to my setting with the stock stem, so I’ll propably try to put o-ring between tophat and housing to decrease stem travel and therefore avoid valve dumps.

After inserting the largest restrictor the gun worked fine, but velocity was rather low (I think it was sub 250m/s, didn’t chrony). Few 10-shot groups with this setup:

10-shots, 49mm, 100 meters (109yds)
10-shots, 64mm, 100 meters (109yds)
10-shots, 58,5mm, 100 meters (109yds)

Groups averaged 1.96MOA.

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