N.U.A.H. submission & some training

Conditions: +14°C, little to no wind, fog
Gear: AF .223, NOE SP-GC 51gr & RWS 41.5gr

Decided to print GTA forum’s ‘Nuthin’ Under A Hundred -yards‘ target and try to shoot it. It’s actually very good target to measure precision of the gear and accuracy of the shooter at the same time. After zeroing to 100 yards, here’s the result:

N.U.A.H. target. 5 shots, 1.35MOA.

Not the best 5-shot group, but I’ll take it. Two shots went actually almost from the same hole. Luckily I took it on video. Need to try this again!

Back to basics: for a better cheek weld from prone position, I cut a piece of 75mm PVC pipe in half and taped it on the tank. Still slightly too low, but much better now.

Cheekriser mod from PVC-pipe.
2×10 shots from prone:
First one 69mm, second 53mm. 100 meters from prone.

It was getting very foggy. Center of the target was only hazy gray spot through the scope.

That’s enough for excuses. One last group with RWS 41.5gr .22lr bullets.

10 shots, 43mm, 100 meters. 1.48MOA.

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