Gear update: Wiebad rearbags

Was looking a long time for good high quality bags, that I could use at both range and field. Criteria was adaptability, durability, weight (for field use) and ruggedness for benchrest shooting. I think Wiebad bags are best of both worlds, very happy with them.

100 meters prone with .223

Conditions: +19°C, little to no wind
Gear: AF .223 + NOE SP-GC 51gr .223″

Today I trained to various distances with 5cm steel spinner plates and decided to shoot some groups in prone position as it’s something I do too rarely.

10-shot group with only 9 recognizable holes, so one missed the paper (from right side propably) or then went exactly from same hole (I bet the first option). The group on paper is 43mm. Shots from prone position seemed to be 0,5mrad to the right from my zero.

100m shooting with .223

Conditions: +24°C, 1-2m/s wind
Gear: AF .223 + NOE SP-GC 51gr .223″

Had little amount of time to do a quick visit to range and shoot few groups. After few sightings and warming shots, started to shoot nights’s first group with slow and steady pace. First seven shots were just under 15mm and then (as usual) I pulled and ruined the group. Got frustrated and stopped there. 8-shot group, 43mm at 100 meters.








Next and the last group was 12-shot group, 65mm at 100 meters.








Btw, this is how the first group should be posted online..


.223 100 meters, 8-shot groups

Conditions: +20°C, little to no wind
Gear: AF .223, NOE SP-GC 51gr .223″

Groups always start promising, but after 5 shots POI seems to shift towards up/upright. Not sure if it’s my trigger control or the gun. Barely under 50mm groups.

100m, 8 shots, 46mm
100m, 8 shots, 49mm

221 meters with EDgun Leshiy

Conditions: +27°C, 2-4m/s breezing wind
Gear: EDgun Leshiy, H&N Grizzly 31gr

Today was perfect weather to test and validate wind drift data for H&N Grizzly 31gr bullets from Leshiy. I used piece of particle board as a target (approx. 30x30cm) and after validating windage, despite the moderate breezing wind, I was able to land every bullet into the board.

.223 100m groups

Conditions: +18°C, little to no wind
Gear: AF .223, NOE SP-GC 51gr .223″

Was plinking some steel plates today and tried few groups. I really have to work with my trigger control as I usually get a lot more horizontal, than vertical dispersion with longer shot strings. Trigger is pretty heavy, around 1,4kg (3lbs), so I would propably benefit by changing lighter spring and polishing all surfaces that make contact.

10-shot group was 101mm (with only 39mm of vertical dispersion). 5-shot group on the right was 46mm. Distance 100 meters.