Ratsniperslugs & EDgun Leshiy part 2

Leshiy with RSS 36gr bullets looked so promising that I’ve had to do a quick visit back to range during last night again and test these bullets to 100meters.

Conditions were perfect – little to no wind. I’ve had only about half an hour time left before it was pitch black. I shot 6-7 shot groups, as that is the amount of shots I get per fill from 220 bar to 150 bar where regulator is set.

Groups were around 1MOA, some were even sub-MOA.

Best 6-shot group was easily sub-MOA.
Best 7-shot group was also very good (1,06MOA)

Unfortunately I run out of bullets soon, as I ordered only 100pcs. I’ll definitely have to order more ASAP.

Ratsniperslugs & EDgun Leshiy

As it seemed that H&N Grizzlys performed relatively well from Leshiy’s barrel (.25 1-to-16″ twist), I ordered earlier this year some spitzer hollowpoint bullets from Ratsniperslugs.

Bullets are 36gr in weight and has total length of 9,6mm, so they’re bit heavier and taller than Grizzlys (and therefore have slightly better BC).

H&N Grizzly 31gr and RSS 36gr Spitzer Hollowpoint

Today had finally access to shooting range and tested these to 75 meters and results were very, very promising. Best group was 35mm.. with one flyer. Without the flyer group would be only 11,8mm, which is almost 1/2MOA.

Further testing to longer distances will follow!