.223 in high wind speed conditions

Conditions: +26┬░C, 5-9m/s breezing wind

It was very windy during the afternoon, so decided to see how 51gr spitzer and 41,5gr RWS perform in windy conditions. I tried to avoid worst gusts, where even big trees were bending noticeably, but sometimes they just started to blow while I pulled the trigger.

First group with RWS 41,5gr bullets was 66mm and second one was 59mm. There seemed to be a lot of horizontal dispersion because of the wind.
First group with NOE 51gr spitzers was 53mm and second one 68mm. There was noticeably less horizontal dispersion than with RWS bullets.

Practical accuracy

How does groups form? Is it the gun, the shooter, wind pushing them slightly to the left?

If you think your gun is capable of printing 1/2MOA groups and you, as a shooter can be as consistent as 1/2MOA, your groups can be as big as 1MOA.

When you add wind, even 1 m/s breeze which you hardly can even feel, it will throw your shots significally off at hundred if not compensated with point of aim (or scope adjustments).

Circles represent theoretical hit-zones at 100 meters and grey area is theoretical effect of 1m/s wind changing from left to right and front to back. Wind values have been calculated for regular 40gr standard velocity .22lr bullet travelling around 325 m/s.

When stretching distances further, shooters accuracy often stays linear, but external ballistics does not, so things get even worse and 1MOA accuracy at 100 meters can be 2MOA at 300 meters.