EDgun LW barrels

Just a note about specs that Ed uses in his barrels:

  • Land-Ø: 6.24mm +/- 0.01 
  • Twist: 410 mm (16.14″)
  • Groove-Ø: 6,38mm ±0,01
  • Grooves: 12
  • Outer-Ø: 12 mm 4 degree choke

Long time no see, Leshiy

Conditions: +17°C, 2-4m/s wind (with 9m to 14m/s gusts)
Gear: EDgun Leshiy, H&N Grizzly 31gr

While I’m waiting new valve stem for my AirForce, went out to range to shoot some groups with Leshiy. I used 31gr H&N Grizzlys calibrated to .2495″. Although it was very, very windy outside, the range area was relatively calm.

After few sighter groups I decided to remove the rail extender, because it seemed to amplify the hold sensitivity and caused some extra vibrations to the frame.

5-shots, 49mm, 100 meters.
5-shots, 53,5mm, 100 meters
8-shots, 67mm, 100 meters. (5-shot group in the middle is 31,5mm)

Leshiy ain’t the most accurate gun with this ammo, but considering it’s price (3cnt per bullet) it’s very, very good. Also if you add that as Leshiy being very lightweight (less than 2kg without accessories) and therefore pretty difficult to shoot. Also the barrel is only 350mm (or 250mm in stock form) in length, so it’s pretty efficient when producing 55 Joules (40ft-lb) of muzzle-energy.



I also had possibility to test out Evanix Sniper X2 in .50cal. It ain’t the most accurate PCP out there, but it’s fun to shoot for sure!

For comparison, here’s a picture of .25cal 31gr H&N Grizzly and 185gr hollowpoint recovered after hitting steel plate from distance of 100 meters.

H&N Grizzly 31,5gr .25cal and smashed 185gr .50cal bullet. Weight retention was 96% after hitting the steel plate.

221 meters with EDgun Leshiy

Conditions: +27°C, 2-4m/s breezing wind
Gear: EDgun Leshiy, H&N Grizzly 31gr

Today was perfect weather to test and validate wind drift data for H&N Grizzly 31gr bullets from Leshiy. I used piece of particle board as a target (approx. 30x30cm) and after validating windage, despite the moderate breezing wind, I was able to land every bullet into the board.

Ratsniperslugs & EDgun Leshiy part 2

Leshiy with RSS 36gr bullets looked so promising that I’ve had to do a quick visit back to range during last night again and test these bullets to 100meters.

Conditions were perfect – little to no wind. I’ve had only about half an hour time left before it was pitch black. I shot 6-7 shot groups, as that is the amount of shots I get per fill from 220 bar to 150 bar where regulator is set.

Groups were around 1MOA, some were even sub-MOA.

Best 6-shot group was easily sub-MOA.
Best 7-shot group was also very good (1,06MOA)

Unfortunately I run out of bullets soon, as I ordered only 100pcs. I’ll definitely have to order more ASAP.

Ratsniperslugs & EDgun Leshiy

As it seemed that H&N Grizzlys performed relatively well from Leshiy’s barrel (.25 1-to-16″ twist), I ordered earlier this year some spitzer hollowpoint bullets from Ratsniperslugs.

Bullets are 36gr in weight and has total length of 9,6mm, so they’re bit heavier and taller than Grizzlys (and therefore have slightly better BC).

H&N Grizzly 31gr and RSS 36gr Spitzer Hollowpoint

Today had finally access to shooting range and tested these to 75 meters and results were very, very promising. Best group was 35mm.. with one flyer. Without the flyer group would be only 11,8mm, which is almost 1/2MOA.

Further testing to longer distances will follow!

160 meters with Leshiy

Some preliminary testing with Leshiy. I don’t own a LDM yet, so I had to get rough estimate from Google Maps using landmarks as a pinpoints. Distance I got was approx. 160 meters, but as this is only rought estimate, I cannot use any results from this as a real data for my further calculations.

I was shooting 31gr H&N Grizzly bullets straight out of the tin without even looking at them and after some scope adjustments, the gun was printing very nice groups. Best was just over 10cm as seen below.

With 31gr bullets there is only 30J left at 160 meters and some bullets got stuck in the particle board and didn’t make through the 22mm board.