Texan .257 – almost ready

Latest project – Texan .257 is almost ready. Not so much to share yet, but a lot of pictures!


Some initial testing at the range..

Texan .257 bone stock with Harris bipod.
Some initial groups during a windy day. Not that bad. 6 shots, 100 meters.
5-shots, 100 meters, not so windy anymore.
41gr .22lr bullet (left) compared to 65, 75 and 85gr NSA .257 HP-BT bullets


Time to upgrade..

Cheap chinese scope mounts needs to go. American Defense RECON-SL 20MOA QD Mount
Pinkney Engineering muzzle brake from UK to tame to muzzle jump.
Maddog RJ-9A stock. Seems very sturdy and the quality is flawless.
Airforce Texan .257 with Maddog RJ-9A stock


More to come, stay tuned!