EDgun LW barrels

Just a note about specs that Ed uses in his barrels:

  • Land-Ø: 6.24mm +/- 0.01 
  • Twist: 410 mm (16.14″)
  • Groove-Ø: 6,38mm ±0,01
  • Grooves: 12
  • Outer-Ø: 12 mm 4 degree choke

.25cal slug expansion test

Quick expansion test to clay block with .25cal slugs. Terminal velocity around 260m/s (850fps). Penetration was pretty identical with all the slugs.

Ammo Weight (gr) Expansion (mm)
H&N Grizzly 31 9,8
Ratsniperslug 31,5 10,7
NSA 36 10,9
From left to right: H&N Grizzly, Ratsniperslug, NSA
From left to right: H&N Grizzly, Ratsniperslug, NSA

Texan .257 – almost ready

Latest project – Texan .257 is almost ready. Not so much to share yet, but a lot of pictures!


Some initial testing at the range..

Texan .257 bone stock with Harris bipod.
Some initial groups during a windy day. Not that bad. 6 shots, 100 meters.
5-shots, 100 meters, not so windy anymore.
41gr .22lr bullet (left) compared to 65, 75 and 85gr NSA .257 HP-BT bullets


Time to upgrade..

Cheap chinese scope mounts needs to go. American Defense RECON-SL 20MOA QD Mount
Pinkney Engineering muzzle brake from UK to tame to muzzle jump.
Maddog RJ-9A stock. Seems very sturdy and the quality is flawless.
Airforce Texan .257 with Maddog RJ-9A stock


More to come, stay tuned!

Kalibrgun Cricket .25

Conditions: +5°C, 12-15m/s wind, 14-18m/s gusts
Gear: Kalibrgun Cricket .25 + H&N Grizzly 31gr

This is the gun I’ve wanted to own so long – and finally got one!

..and the best part is, that it’s with the older WST stock. What a beauty!

First range day behind (in extreme wind conditions) and nearby weather station recorded insane numbers: wind speed 12-15m/s, gusts 14-18m/s. Not the best day to shoot for sure.

I tried few regular pellets including 34gr JSB King Heavys, but not every shot was even on paper because of the wind, so I shot only 31gr H&N Grizzlys which I run through sizer (.250)”. I read lot of people complaining about accuracy with these bullets and the main reason probably is the fact, that they’re very inconsistent out-of-the-box (.002″ variation in diameter at worst).

After some tuning with HST screw and regulator pressure, 31gr H&N Grizzly bullet leaves the barrel with velocity of 275m/s (902fps) while generating 75 Joules (55ft-lb) of kinetic energy.

Best group I got with JSB 34grain heavys. 5-shots 99mm. Distance 100 meters.


H&N Grizzly 31grainers performed noticeably better..

First 4 shots 29mm, 5-shot group 63mm. Distance 100 meters.
5-shot group 98mm. Lots of gusting wind. Distance 100 meters.
5-shot group 38mm. Wind direction and speed seemed to stay consistent at least for a while, so I put 5 shots as fast as I could. Distance 100 meters.

I think this gun is easily 1MOA capable at 100 meters during a calm day. Lot’s of bullet testing ahead!

Did a lot of different kind of a shooting also – namely cinematography.

Sneak peek to coming film about the gun.

Shooting Saturday

Conditions: +15°C, 9-13m/s wind
Gear: AF .223 + TT-OPTH, NOE SP-GC 51gr .223″

Autumn is definitely coming. Temperature is constantly below 20 degrees and winds are getting stronger. While I normally shoot only 10-shot groups, today I decided to stick with 5-shot groups, as wind strength and direction was changing all the time. Difficult conditions to shoot with air, but results we’re actually pretty decent.

5×5-shot groups from bench.

5-shots, 29,5mm, 100 meters.
5-shots, 25mm, 100 meters.
5-shots, 45mm, 100 meters / 109 yd.
5-shots, 36mm, 100 meters / 109 yd.
5-shots, 56mm, 100 meters / 109 yd.

Best group was 0.86MOA, worst 1.92MOA. Average precision 1.31MOA.

3×5-shot groups from prone.

5-shots from prone, 48mm, 100 meters / 109 yd.
6-shots from prone, 58mm, 100 meters / 109 yd. After the first shot wind started to blow and pulled shots significantly to the left, so I decided to shoot one extra to get 5-shot group with the prevailing wind. The group on the left is 39mm.
5-shots from prone, 62mm, 100 meters / 109 yd. Very strong breezing wind. Stopped here because of the extreme wind conditions.

Back to business

Conditions: +16°C, 2-5m/s wind, fog
Gear: AF .223 + TT-OPTH, NOE SP-GC 51gr .223″

Finally got my new valve stem/onepiece tophat from TalonTunes to replace the broken stock one. Regardless from the pressure and/or HST, without any restrictor insert, the infamous valve dump occurred. TT tophat seems to have more gap between the tophat and valve housing compared to my setting with the stock stem, so I’ll propably try to put o-ring between tophat and housing to decrease stem travel and therefore avoid valve dumps.

After inserting the largest restrictor the gun worked fine, but velocity was rather low (I think it was sub 250m/s, didn’t chrony). Few 10-shot groups with this setup:

10-shots, 49mm, 100 meters (109yds)
10-shots, 64mm, 100 meters (109yds)
10-shots, 58,5mm, 100 meters (109yds)

Groups averaged 1.96MOA.

Long time no see, Leshiy

Conditions: +17°C, 2-4m/s wind (with 9m to 14m/s gusts)
Gear: EDgun Leshiy, H&N Grizzly 31gr

While I’m waiting new valve stem for my AirForce, went out to range to shoot some groups with Leshiy. I used 31gr H&N Grizzlys calibrated to .2495″. Although it was very, very windy outside, the range area was relatively calm.

After few sighter groups I decided to remove the rail extender, because it seemed to amplify the hold sensitivity and caused some extra vibrations to the frame.

5-shots, 49mm, 100 meters.
5-shots, 53,5mm, 100 meters
8-shots, 67mm, 100 meters. (5-shot group in the middle is 31,5mm)

Leshiy ain’t the most accurate gun with this ammo, but considering it’s price (3cnt per bullet) it’s very, very good. Also if you add that as Leshiy being very lightweight (less than 2kg without accessories) and therefore pretty difficult to shoot. Also the barrel is only 350mm (or 250mm in stock form) in length, so it’s pretty efficient when producing 55 Joules (40ft-lb) of muzzle-energy.



I also had possibility to test out Evanix Sniper X2 in .50cal. It ain’t the most accurate PCP out there, but it’s fun to shoot for sure!

For comparison, here’s a picture of .25cal 31gr H&N Grizzly and 185gr hollowpoint recovered after hitting steel plate from distance of 100 meters.

H&N Grizzly 31,5gr .25cal and smashed 185gr .50cal bullet. Weight retention was 96% after hitting the steel plate.

Broken valve stem

After degassing the tank, I started to remove the tophat and noticed that the whole valve stem came out.. or part of it.

Broken AirForce valve stem

Not sure if the stem was a “lemon” from the factory as I was only shooting with HST set to minimum and shot count was way below 2000 when this happened. I can imagine how much beating the stem takes when the HST is set to maximum.


Tested various different shooting techniques from bench today and made some improvement (or so do I think).

Tightest groups were forming, when applying moderate amount of pressure against the bipod and the cheek rest. I also worked with the trigger hand and played with the trigger shoe position while doing dry fire practices. The groups were not that great (around 1.6MOA), but there seemed to be much less dispersion than before.

It looks like to me, that there’s one tighter group on each paper.  With NOE the group size was 46mm for 10 shots and first 5 shots in the upper left corner are 18mm (0.6MOA). With RWS .22lr bullets there seems to be (maybe) two fliers in the lower right and without them, there’s a group of 8 shots which measure 31mm c-t-c (1.07MOA). With the fliers included, 10-shot group is 50mm.

The group in the left was 10 shots using NOE SP-GC 51gr bullets and 10 shots with RWS 41.5gr on the right. Distance 100 meters (109yds).

Also did 5-shot group to 140 meters using NOE 51gr spitzers.

5-shots, 73mm, 140 meters (153yds)


At the end I set up some steel plates to shoot from 120 meters, but after few shots, something happened with the valve as the gun does not fire anymore. Need to disassemble to valve tomorrow.

N.U.A.H. submission & some training

Conditions: +14°C, little to no wind, fog
Gear: AF .223, NOE SP-GC 51gr & RWS 41.5gr

Decided to print GTA forum’s ‘Nuthin’ Under A Hundred -yards‘ target and try to shoot it. It’s actually very good target to measure precision of the gear and accuracy of the shooter at the same time. After zeroing to 100 yards, here’s the result:

N.U.A.H. target. 5 shots, 1.35MOA.

Not the best 5-shot group, but I’ll take it. Two shots went actually almost from the same hole. Luckily I took it on video. Need to try this again!

Back to basics: for a better cheek weld from prone position, I cut a piece of 75mm PVC pipe in half and taped it on the tank. Still slightly too low, but much better now.

Cheekriser mod from PVC-pipe.
2×10 shots from prone:
First one 69mm, second 53mm. 100 meters from prone.

It was getting very foggy. Center of the target was only hazy gray spot through the scope.

That’s enough for excuses. One last group with RWS 41.5gr .22lr bullets.

10 shots, 43mm, 100 meters. 1.48MOA.